Watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic paint, ink and pencil on paper

12” x 12”


Original artwork by Meri Stiles


I enjoy the process and energy of being inspired. The art I make often reflects aspects of life and society that are important me- it makes sense that things I think about the most show up in my work. Buddhism, mountains, humor, human struggle, isolation, bones (representing impermanence), social justice, and activism all are reoccurring themes. Although my formal education and professional work is in social work and mindfulness meditation, which I teach full-time at Daemen College, I find time to make art every day.  

The drawings and paintings in the Melodious Swamp show represent my work over the past year. As we struggle together to find balance in the ongoing world-wide chaos, I think about the Buddhist notion of equanimity. Life is a constant state of change – moving between contrasts of ease and unease. We live in the Melodious Swamp; filled with beautiful songs and dank odors of nature. How will we make our way toward finding the abundance in both the beauty and dank?

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